How credible is the Federal Chancellery I?

In clarifying the demonstrably unlawful and arbitrary proceedings in front of  the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Chancellery not only does not cooperate, but demonstrably tries to cover up and also to withhold documents that are relevant to the decision.

At the Federal Chancellery there are verifiable files, the procurement of which is essential and you as a citizen insist on it. Those involved in the Federal Chancellery have previously blabbed and confirmed their existence. In court, however, the contents of the files relevant to the decision are withheld and those involved try to practice damage limitation. A Mr. Böhme is responsible.

That's how he expresses himself:

1. "possibly"...

2. It is an "editorial error"...

3. "possibly"...

Proof (see below): B16

We are talking here about the statements by a Federal Chancellery in Germany and not by a market crier (without any assessement).

If the Federal Chancellery has nothing to hide, why does it have to put it that way?

Because there are demonstrably files and the Federal Chancellery would have to lie.

The background is too that you were "arrested" and deprived of your freedom during your 7-month vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin in cooperation with the police demonstrably on the basis of untruthful, freely invented circumstances and suppression of true facts.

Who are Ms. Fricke and Ms. Lapsien from the Central Civil Register Office in Hamburg?

Proof: B17

(B17: You ask those involved; to whom, when, what information and why did they do it?)


What are the connections between the Federal Chancellery in Berlin and the Central Civil Register Office of Hamburg around Ms. Fricke and Ms. Lapsien?

Why do those involved, both the Federal Chancellery in Berlin and the Central Civil Register Office in Hamburg, avoid the needed information and the affidavit?

The processes and actions of those involved are not only shameful, but scandalous.

What role do the demonstrably criminals and some racists from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) play here?

To be continued.