Germany, is there a system behind cover-ups I?

In order to draw attention to the existing grievances, arbitrariness and the most adverse conditions in Germany, which are probably unimaginable for some people, you held a vigil in front of the parliamen and the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

You are visited and spoken to by many passers-by, including school classes from Sweden, during his vigil in Berlin. 

Two months after the vigil in Berlin, the then 15-year-old Swede sat for one day, following the same pattern as the vigil in Berlin, in front of the parliament in Stockholm.

Sweden is committed to democracy and the rule of law.

However, you in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin are not only ignored during your 7-month vigil, but repeatedly harassed and bullied. Attempts are made to expel you there. Such attempts fail. You remain steadfast and continued your vigil.

Proof (see below): B1

In cooperation with the police, your are finally "arrested" during your vigil demonstrably on the basis of untruthful and freely invented circumstances and suppression of true facts after 7 months of vigil and you are deprived of your freedom.

Those involved did not cooperate in clarifying the processes. They are more busy with covering up the incidents, even til today.

Germany. Is there a system behind cover-ups?

The sign says:

Dear Mrs. Merkel, please give me my stolen children and give them back their rights!
A citizen without any rights from Hamburg.