Overwhelming evidence IV

1. You write to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (cooperation of public law).

Proof (see below): SH22

Your Post will be submitted to the responsible department immediately and on the same day.

Your subsequent lagal action is withheld from the responsible department.

2. The court is duped by those involved.

This is what those involved tell the court:

Proof (original text): It is unclear against which facts the legal action should be directed.

This happens between those involved simultaneously (communication between the individual departments about the facts pending at the court).

Proof: SH23

Responsible at the court are, inter alia, a S. Hamdorf and a H. Blöcher. Everything and the corresponding evidence will be presented to them. Not only they demonastrably cooperate in the intrigues of those involved, they actually encourage them.

That's how credible those involved from the authorities and courts in Germany are.