Inconvenient questions are unwelcome IV

It is demonstrably about embezzlement, manipulation and much more of those involved.

Actually, a legal department as an administration of justice should ensure law and order. At the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (ASHIP) in Bad Segeberg, the impression is created that those involved in the legal department are there more to cover up the scandalous conditions of those involved from within their own ranks. The supreme supervisory authority is the responsible Ministry of Social Affairs in Kiel.

To give a concrete example:

Those involved from the ASHIP are demonstrably lying. You therefore apply to inspect your documents. You also indicate the period and send your request directly to the ASHIP (an example):

Proof (see below): SH18

These documents have consequences for those involved. Those involved try by all means to prevent access to the documents. The matter has been delayed for months. Later, those involved shift responsibility back and forth. You send your application several times and remind those involved, without success. You call the ministry. Responsible is a Ms Bettina Neke and ohters from the office of the minister.

You tell the ministry that those involved have gotten themselves into trouble and that your application has been pushed back and forth and denied access to the immensely important documents. The ministry tells you to contact the legal department.

Proof: SH19

You inform the ministry that you have already informed and contacted the parties involved in the "legal department" on several times and that the ministry has been involved for precisely this reason.

Ms. Bettina Neke from the Ministry is suddenly disappeared.

However, you try again to get further. For the ninth time, you are forwarding your inquiries and the Ministry's letter to those involved from the ASHIP.

A Ms. Behrenbeck from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians actually writes the following email to you and the Ministry: She "didn't know anything" about your application. She wants to "forward" your request:

Proof: SH20

She skillfully keeps silent to the Ministry that you have contacted her several times, enclosing your letter (SH18).

You submit evidence to the ministry that Ms. Behrenbeck is demonstrably lying again. She is repeatedly convicted of lying.

What is Ms. Behrenbeck doing now? Mrs. Behrenbeck writes to the ministry: She would have "overlooked" your requests.

How several specific inquiries are said to have been "overlooked" for months remains a mystery of Ms. Behrenbeck. This embarrassment can hardly be outdone.

Access to the files is still made difficult to this day. The ministry is silent.

We live in a "constitutional state".