Overwhelming evidence V

A cascade of demonstrable manipulation, fraud and illegality and much more begins among those involved in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR). You can find details under Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR), e.g. link: Wismar local "court" ao.

The costs for this will be collected from you.

As already mentioned, there are also "costs" that even have not yet existed. Any complaint will be disregarded. You have a business and you work full time. Your wages will be drifted to the "central payments authority" from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR). Agreements are not kept. The agreement with the bank is kept secret.

There is namely an assignment contract from June 26th, 2012.

Proof: SH10

The contract is simply neglected. Those responsible are convicted.

They seem to fear termination if they admit the wrongdoing. They have made the bed, but avoid to lie in it.

They use any means available to avoid consequences. 

If you are caught and convicted of highly criminal activities in Germany, you generally don't need to worry of it if the state institution work like a

criminal organization.

The “court” and the “public prosecutor’s office” also act like a cover-up machine.

There is a “social court” in Kiel.  As the name suggests, it should be a SOCIAL court.

In no way.

A Mr. Schäfer is responsible at the “social court” in Kiel.

This person, Schäfer (Social Court), gives the impression of being employed by a private company.

He acts as a kind of puppet and is only concerned with covering up the unimaginable and highly criminal actions of those accused and ensuring a suitable outcome for those accused.

Note: The gentleman, Schäfer, is a “judge” at a social court in the Federal Republic of Germany.


You now present the relevant contract from June 26th, 2012 (SH10) to the court.

You as a citizen have the right and, in a true constitutional state, the accused, including the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bad Segeberg (Maria Behrenbeck & Co),  has to be held accountable, prosecuted and  suspended from duty without notice.

Are you kidding me?

The entire apparatus is solely concerned with covering up what happened and protecting the criminals from prosecution.

Maria Behrenbeck and Ralph Ennenbach

(“Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Schleswig-Holstein” in Bad Segeberg)

will be presented in detail later.

It's just a shame when you consider that such people are active in a "Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians" and with what criminal energy they act.

Ralph Ennenbach also insults you racially and discriminates against you.

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

To be continued.