Independence or fool's license III

1. The fundamental right and the right to be heard are violated. Legal help will be sought. A Mr. Alberts is responsible at the court. The application has "disappeared". The management of the court is asked for help. Weeks go by. That is the answer of the court: The application from August 22nd, 2020 appears on October 8th, 2020.

Proof (see below): SH6

The application is also not "for the first time" attached submitted letter, but was demonstrably beforehand and separately. This statemen of those responsible is also demonstrably a lie.

2. Procedural documents (9 pages) submitted by one side are withheld from the other side. The court is informed immediately and requested to act.

This is the court's answer:

The matter should be done after returning from vacation of the responsible person.

Proof: SH7

After returning from vacation, nothing happened, except that "decision" was made in favor of the authority.