Lost authorities & embarassing judiciary III

The state is responsible for ensuring law and order.

But what if state institutions fail, cheat and then try to cover it up?

Everything, including that of the other sections in this blog, is demonstrably connected.

To give concrete examples:

In a very urgent case, you contact those responsible from the professional organization (cooperation of public law) and ask them to send you information and some documents.

Responsible is Mr. Carsten Heppner.

The subsequent processes are not only criminal, but simply extremely embarrassing.

You will not receive the information and the documents to which you are entitled. Those responsible block it.

In good faith in law and order you contact, after legal advice, the court.

The situation for the authority (corporation under public law) in court cannot be worse.

Then it is also noticeable with those responsible from the  court that they are trying to thwart the proceedings, to conceal the actions and the catastrophic conditions at the authority and to help the authority with the cover-up.

There are also indications that there are agreements between those involved (authority & court).

At some point a letter from the above authority, the defendants Katja Broers and Carsten Heppner, reaches thr court.

What Katja Brörs and Carsten Heppner say now is not extremely embarrassing, but only to laugh.

Ms. Katja Broers and Mr. Carsten Heppner do not understand why the court should be involved.


Because the lady and the gentleman had already sent you the documents.

To where?

To any address from about 25 years ago and somewhere in Germany.

It is unacceptable that the authorities lie and try to deceive and you as a citizen are just a spectator. 

That is why you make the request to submit the affidavit of Ms. Katja Broers & Mr. Carsten Heppner.

This means that Katja Broers and Carsten Heppner swear under oath that they do not lie and their statement isn't a lie.

Suddenly, the lady and the gentleman (Katja Broers & Carsten Heppner) are silent.


At the

Administrative Court of Schleswig, a Mr.


 is, responsible (more precisely, for cover-ups and manipulations).

 This person is a “judge” at an “administrative court” in Germany.

To be continued.