Authority or a corrupt, criminal and racist organization I?

If you are looking for neo-Nazi places, look out for Wismar, Jamel and Grevesmühlen in the Northwest Mecklenburg district (Former GDR, Eastern Germany).

It has been proven that there are highly criminal participants in key positions in these places. However, those most responsible are watching idly.

How badly do other authorities and institutions in Germany outside of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) fall for this without even remotely recognizing the criminal energy behind those involved in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Fomer GDR)?

To give concrete examples:

A person named Anne Mahler (friend of the accused) tries to present herself as the person responsible.

1. You confront Ms. Anne Mahler (Former GDR) with the following evidence about the main culprit & her friend:

Proof (see below): MV58

2. You confront Ms. Anne Mahler (Former GDR) with the following facts and documents

Proof: MV82

(MV82:Cash and our applications have disappeared. Corruption case and other crimes committed by those involved)

The “talented” Ms. Anne Mahler and a Ms. Kirstein are sitting in front of a “court,” if one can even speak of a “court,” lying against you, suppressing facts and enjoying a kind of jester's license.

3. You confront Ms. Anne Mahler from Wismar about this and give her further information about her and her colleague:

Proof: Ms. J. Kirstein, Room B1.14, Rostocker Str. 76, 23970 Wismar.

You provide the file number. You also provide her with the telephone number and fax number.


4. This is the "answer" from Ms. A. Mahler & J. Kirstein.

Proof: MV83

(MV83: Both, Ms. A. Mahler and Ms. J. Kirstein "don't" want to know anything and have "no" idea about anything)

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

To be continued.