How big must be the scale of the crime of those accused that they are dependent on such dirty and mendacious actions IV?

Everything, including the other sections in this blog, is demonstrably connected.

As early as 2014, there were various irregularities and violations of law at the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVSH) and the "central payments authority" of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR).

This includes, among other things, the embezzlement of your fee.

You adresse these painful subjects  and make yourself a target for those involved.

After that, you will hardly receive your wages properly and on time for another month. Every time something is pretended to you. In some cases, the wages due are not paid until 9 months later (yes, that's true!). The actions of those involved are becoming more unbearable every day. With the attached proof and documents you will officially stop your activity. They don't have a business either.

The incredible and despicable actions of those involved against you will continue. They filed for bankruptcy in February 2018.

You will no longer receive your letters either.

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

The charade and the highly criminal actions of those involved at the Hamburg local court and the authorities are only just beginning.

There is a Jörn Weitzmann (Friedrichshof HP, Ferdinandstraße 29-33, 20095 Hamburg) with connections to Rostock (Former GDR).

This person agitates against you, coerces and blackmails you, insults you, even in a racist manner, and gives the impression of enjoying a kind of fool's freedom.

Mr. Jörn Weitzmann is held responsible by the court.

This is what he writes to the Kiel social court in August 2018.

Proof (see below): HH82

(HH82: He does nothing. Why? Because he is not an administrator. He is only responsible for one report.)

This is definitely wrong what this person, Jörn Weitzmann, writes. 

Then this is what he writes to the other people in April 2018 previously

Proof: HH83

(HH83: Dear ladies an gentlemen, I have been appointed as administrator. Attached is the court order.

And then lists everything but he doesn't report to Social court.

That's not all.

The accused,

Jörn Weitzmann (Friedrichshof HP, Ferdinandstraße 29-33, 20095 Hamburg)

with connections to Former GDR, continues to present himself everywhere as an “insolvency administrator”.

He also adds the relevant court order everywhere, except for the Kiel Social Court.

He continues to agitate against you.

He continues to coerce, blackmail and insult you (including racist ones).

Not only that.

He also consciously and intentionally leads the Hamburg Local Court on the wrong track.

Because you as a citizen are neither insolvent nor anything else.

As a citizen, you receive legal advice.

It is recommended that you inform the court immediately.

You also immediately inform the court, to no avail.

Ultimately, you are advised to hold the defendant Jörn Weitzmann criminally responsible.

Jörn Weitzmann

(Friedrichshof HP, Ferdinandstraße 29-33, 20095 Hamburg)

will be held criminally liable.

A Ms. Sladowski (LKA-Hamburg 131) and a Mr. Jens Jensen (LKA-Hamburg 26) are responsible at the Hamburg State Criminal Police Office.

The defendant,

Jörn Weitzmann
(Friedrichshof HP, Ferdinandstraße 29-33, 20095 Hamburg),

continues to try to steal your money (over five figures) and your assets, is currently more or less in hiding and is sending people to your door (even today).

What is also highly criminal here is the fact that some dafts from the authorities (“Hamburg tax office with the cum-ex scandal”) are involved hier and try to cover up their own escapades and crimes.

The names of the defendants from the authority responsible for the world-famous cum-ex scandal (Hamburg tax office) are 




(Hamburg tax office, Gänsemarkt 36, 20354 Hamburg).

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

You use the file number and ask the responsible Hamburg State Criminal Police Office about the status of the criminal proceedings against 

Jörn Weitzmann
(Friedrichshof HP, Ferdinandstraße 29-33, 20095 Hamburg).


Your request is juggled back and forth by those involved.

The cover-up machinery of those accused is in full swing.

To be continued.