Is it dangerous to live in Germany if you know too much and are a witness of highly criminal processes by the authorities and the judiciary I?

For years, those involved have been trying to intimidate you and somehow keep you out of circulation.

Any mischief also seems to be okay for those accused.

In Germany there are even incredible and shameful networks of participants that would be comparable to what happens in a criminal organization.

Specific examples:

1. In February 2018, those accused filed a verifiably intentional, illegal and abusive “bankruptcy application" against you.

At the same time, enforcement measures will be initiated against you.

That is forbidden!

And that's not all.

2. The “smart” lady, who is demonstrably informed about everything, casually writes to you on May 10th, 2018 that she has an arrest warrant for you.

Either you come or you pay by May 17th, 2018 or she will “arrest” you. And you have yourself to blame for further steps and the “unnecessary furore”.

Proof (see below): HH89

Yes, she writes that way.

And yes, we are talking about Germany and in Germany terms such as “dictatorship”, “police state” etc. are often used for such actions and processes abroad.

You inform the lady immediately.

3. You receive no answer from the "smart" lady from the administeration of the

"City of Hamburg".

But you have no idea what unimaginable and criminal acts those involved are capable of under the guise of the

"City of Hamburg".

Instead of an answer, a few days later (May 14, 2018), you find the following card from the talented lady in your mailbox.

Proof: HH90

(HH90: She was there to arrest you and she will keep trying)


4. The ultimate supervision of this lady is the responsibility of the

Authority for Justice and Consumer Protection of Hamburg

(Drehbahn 36, in 20354 Hamburg).

You contact it.

A person, called

Ms. Knospe,


the Authority for Justice and Consumer Protection of Hamburg

(Drehbahn 36, in 20354 Hamburg.

ist responsible.

Sehe first plays dumb.

Then those responsbile play ping pong with your concern, while at the same time you are almost defenseless against the arbitrariness and disgusting actions of the same parties.

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

To be continued.