Authorities and judicial scandals X

Everything, including that of the other sections in this blog, is connected.

In order to draw attention to the proven arbitrariness, the demonstrable abuses and - for an outsider probably unimaginable - most adverse conditions in Germany, you as a citizen from Hamburg hold a vigil in front of the state parliament and the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

You can now provide evidence of connections between the authorities/the Federal Chancellery in Berlin and the authorities in Hamburg.
This means that the Federal Chancellery in Berlin knew exactly who you were right from the start and that you are holding a vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

However, those responsible are only trying to cover up the unimaginable actions and to prevent transparency.

To give concrete examples:

You are being attacked and at the same time your elementary basic rights are being violated. You are forced and somehow blackmailed. 
There are documents relevant to the decision at the Hamburg Social Court. You want to access and see them.
You  ask for it many times in advance, last on January 16th, 2020 and January 19th, 2020, but in vain. Nothing happens the entire time.

But on February 04th, 2020, "Decision" will be made and sent to you.

Proof (see below): HH59

On March 3rd, 2020, four weeks after the "decision", you will be written to that you can now view the documents.

Proof: HH60


You point this out the actions to those responsible, but in vain. All dirty processes are ruthlessly forwarded to the “State Social Court”. We’re talking about “s o c i a l courts” in Germany.

Who is a Mr. Jörn Weitzmann (Friedrichshof HP, Ferdinandstraße 29-33, 20095 Hamburg) with connection to the Former GDR?

How much money did Jörn Weitzmann embezzle into his own pockets?

What happened to the criminal case against Jörn Weitzmann?

To be continued.