Prevent transparency, thwart requests for information I

False and fictitious facts are used to coerce and harass. After legal advice, those responsible in Hamburg are asked for information, in vain.

Proof: CJ1 

The request, which by the way belongs to every citizen and the parties involved are directly obliged to do so, has been delayed until today (More than two years). At the same time, it continues to be harassed and discredited. The closely associated social environment sees everything and can testify to it. Yes, we live in Germany.

There are absurd situations at the “Public Prosecutor's Office” (Former GDR). Information is not provided. Requests for information are thwarted. It is not at all foreseeable with which lies and disinformation will be harassed next.

Four months after the court was involved, a letter from Ministry of Justice recieves. A Mrs Bentrup-Figura is responsible. She does not answer the request. The request also does not forward what is necessary to answer the request.  She also writes that the "information" is "available" and that one should suspect and then write to all courts and public prosecutor's offices in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The fact that the Ministry of Justice was called in precisely because of this and because there is no information is ignored.

Proof: CJ2

To date, the information has not been provided. At the same time, there is further harassment.

Others, outside of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, have apparently relied on the fact that letters etc. from those involved from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, bearing the stamp of state institutions, would probably be correct, without suspecting the criminal energy of those involved. At the federal state level, transparency is prevented and consequences are avoided.

The head office, the Federal Office of Justice, is therefore requested by the court to provide information and act. Everyone is now trying to save one‘s own skin. Because those involved have made themselves liable to prosecution. The Administrative Court of Cologne considers that the higher regional court of Hamm is responsible. A Mr. Kollmeyer is the responsible person in Hamm. What's happening now?

The files and documents allegedly are submitted incompletely to Mr. Kollmyer at the higher regional court of Hamm.  Mr. Kollmeyer is enlightened.

Proof: CJ3 

In order to counter further cover-up attempts & manipulations by the participants, a step further is taken and mediated between the participants (The first court is asked to submit all files and documents to the second court).

Proof: CJ4

A cascade of further irregularities and manipulations can then be proven to those responsible.

Durable, only through fraud and manipulation?  Why are those involved dependent on such actions?

How far and for how long?