If the state fails IV

In cooperation with the police, during your 7-month vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, you will be "arrested" and deprived of your freedom on the basis of demonstrably untruthful and fictitious circumstances and suppressing true facts. Those responsible are trying to cover up the incidents. Apparently every means is right for them.

To give another concrete example:

Those already mentioned files are kept at the Berlin Police Inspectorate and the police themselves confirm you that there are files and procedures there.

Already in 2019 you apply for access to the documents and processes that are verifiably available there.

These files and evidence would expose all the lies, escapades and violation of law of those involved. However, access to these is deliberately blocked, transparency prevented and clarification avoided.

At the latest in court, the accused must present these documents to you and allow you to inspect them.

The responsible police officer is a Ms. J. Alberts & at the court are a Mr. Peters & Mr. Calvelage responsible.

Those responsible are initially delaying the matter for more than 3 years.

The coveted and demonstrably available documents and processes will be withheld from you in court too.

There are no limits to the fantasies of Ms. Alberts (Berlin police) and her "generosity" cannot be surpassed.

Instead of files, she send you a "compilation" of your own emails for "inspection":

Proof (see below): B20

(B20: Ms. Alberts writes to the court: Here is a summary of your own e-mails and they can be made available to you for inspection).

This is what Mr. Calvelage (Administrative Court Berlin) writes to you:

Mr. Calvelage assumes that your inspection of files would be "fulfilled" with the sending of the "documents" (meaning the said "compilation" of your own e-mails).

Proof: B21

Why don't those responsible put their cards on the table?

Because the actions were and are demonstrably fundamentally wrong, arbitrarly, inadmissible and partly criminel.

It should be noted that this is only about the files of the police and nowhere else and that only and exclusively the police in Berlin are responsible for this.