If the state fails III

What to do when the police make documents disappear, the public prosecutor's office tries to cover it up and the supervisory authority looks away?

Internationally, people in Germany are good at pointing the finger at other countries in cases of abuse and crime by authorities and the "judiciary".

It should be noted that probably nowhere else is there so much lying and cheating as in the "judiciary" and partly also in the authorities of Germany.

You, as a citizen, will be "arrested" and deprived of your freedom during your 7-month vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin in cooperation with the police on the basis of false information, pretense of false and fabricated facts and the suppression of truth.

In the last post (If the state fails III) some of the shameful processes of those involved were explained.

The accused continue to try to evade the consequences. Any means, including the deletion or disappearance of evidence, seem to be right for them.

Not only that, but your fudemental rights as a citizen are violated and you can't even defend yourself otherwise. Because evidence have disappeared.

Is that how a rule of law works?

This is the last obscure letter from the "Police Headquarters" in Berlin to the State Criminal Police Office of Berlin in relation to the missing data and documents:

Proof (see below): B19

(B19: No documents were found. Research in the data system was unsuccessful. Several officers at different times were questioned. Questioning and consultation of the officer on duty did not reveal any further information on the facts).

Where are the documents and the evidence?