Can we say: Shame on them I?

During your 7-month vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, you were not only ignored, but repeatedly harassed and bullied. Attempts were made to expel you there. Such attempts failed.

In cooperation with the police, you will then be “arrested” and deprived of your freedom during your 7-month vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin demonstrably on the basis of false information, fabricated, untruthful and freely invented circumstances and suppression of truths after 7 months of vigil.

Responsible in the police are  a Mr. Denny Schewe & Michale Lehmann. Since the police are trying to cover up the incidents, you turn to the Senate Department for the Interior, Digitisation and Sport in Berlin. There is a Mr. Florian Nath responsible. He tries to cover up the incidents too. Ultimately, criminal charges are filed against those accused.

Some of the accused are from the police in Berlin itself.  

The “Legal” crime continues to run its course.

This is your criminal complaint. Here the exact names of the accused are given to the police.

Proof (see below): B4

This is your criminal complaint in which you describe exactly where, when and what happened. You inform the police about the place and time of the crime too.

Proof: B5

That's what the police write in their files and report to the public prosecutor's office. 

Proof: B6

They write (B6): The complainant "didn't" tell the date, time, place, address, names of the accused and what happened.