If the state fails V

As already explained, you will be "arrested" and deprived of your freedom in cooperation with the police during your 7-month vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin on the basis of demonstrably untruthful and fictitious circumstances and suppressing true facts. Responsible here are i. a. a Mr. Michael Lehmann and a Mr. Danny Schewe (Police directorate 3, section 34 of the police in Berlin).

You apply for access to the documents and processes that are verifiably available there. Your request is delayed for weeks. Then clarification is blocked.

Weeks have passed. You turn to the responsible supervisory. Only then a person called Jessica Thiele (Berlin Police) writes to you. She writes that she does not want to give you any information "by email".

You inform Ms. J. Thiele that she is welcome to send her information in writing and to send them by post together with the requested documents. Ms. Jessica Thiele doesn't want to do that either.


As a further flimsy excuse, she writes you that she "does not" know your address (this is also untrue).

Proof (Original text from Ms. Jessica Thiele):

On the one hand, we do not know your postal address,

In order to get rid of this lame excuse too, you share the postal address again.

Now nothing stands in the way and the accused must act. Nothing happens again. Every effort will continue to be made to block access to the documents relevant and to prevent transparency.

This is now Ms. J. Thiele's unique excuse: She doesn't want to send you "data-related documents" "by post".

Proof (Original text from Ms. Jessica Thiele):

and on the other hand, our data-related documents cannot be sent by post. I regret this and hope for your understanding.

Mrs. J. Thiele does not want to give any information by email. She doesn't want to do it by mail delivery either.

It's about fraud, violence, coercion, deprivation of liberty and much more.

Ms. J. Thiele would like to have "understanding" from you.

You explain the situation to those involved and ask for the documents to be sent to you to Hamburg again, stating the file number, the number of pages and the assurance that you are granted access to all processes and files. Nothing happens again. Transparency is blocked. Management must be asked to remedy the situation.

Only then Jessica Thiele (Berlin police) reports. In overly bureaucratic Germany and such a highly explosive matter, she doesn't want to give you a file number. At the same time, she reveals that the file has 53 pages and that all the events would be there.

Proof: (Original text by Ms. Jessica Thiele)

The file available here, as it calls, comprises approx. 53 pages and does not run under any file number. The file implies all processes of the A 34 that fall within the area of responsibility.

You ask again for transmission of this, in vain.

Weeks go by and nothing else happens.

Ultimately, you announce your personal appearance and ask those involved to keep all processes ready and you pick them up personally. Suddenly everyone is quiet there. 

Ms. Jessica Thiele is then suddenly disappeared from the scene.

A Mr. Florian Nath is the responsible person at the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport of Berlin.

You inform Mr. Florian Nath that, in cooperation with the police, you are "arrested" and deprived of your freedom during your 7-month vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin on the basis of demonstrably untruthful and fictitious circumstances and suppressing true facts.

You also explain him that you have been assured that the police file contains 53 pages and all the events are there. You inform Mr. Florian Nath that you are entitled to access the documents and that the parties involved and accused are not only torpedoing this, but they are trying to block it. You also did not receive an answer to your personal pickup. Mr. Florian Nath should take care of it.

No way.

First Mr. Florian Nath blocks everything. Then he just tries to make lame excuses. 


Because Mr. Florian Nath & Co are now demonstrably in an explanation poverty.

Again, you will be confirmed several times that the police file has 53 pages and that all processes are included in this file. Ms. J. Thiele from the police confirms this in writing. But access to it continues to be thwarted. You have the law on your side and the right to do so. The actions of those involved get more embarrassing. After legal advice, the court must be involved.

Those accused must be granted access to the processes before the court. Access to these documents and the clarification of the processes will have consequences for those involved.

A Ms Juliane Alberts from the police, Keibelstr. 36, 10178 Berlin, appears before the court. What Ms. Julian Albert is now writing, on behalf of the presidency, is indescribable.

Ms. Juliane Alberts describes the actions and processes of her own colleague, Ms. Jessica Thiele, as "mad" (more on that later) and you would have mixed up the "facts of life" of Ms. Alberts.

Proof: B22

It should be noted that your communication consists only very few pages and the last paragraph (B22) deals general with the officials who accuse each other of mischief in connection with your vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

While those involved continue to do whatever they can to block transparency and thwart clarification, you are being (even today) harassed and bullied. The close circle of acquaintances notice this and can confirm it.


Access to the decision-relevant and indispensable documents is prevented and those accused lie to the court.

And then you should defend yourself as a citizen.

Is this how the "rule of law" works in Germany?

Ms. Julia Alberts (Berlin police) is asked to affirm (affirmation in lieu of an oath) her statements (B22) before the court.

Proof: B23

Ms. Julia Alberts has now disappeared and there is nothing to hear from her.

To be continued.